PERIPLUS is an international work of music, the result of exchange and collaboration between Amélia Muge (Portugal) and Michales Loukovikas (Greece), with tradition and poetry, musicians and special guests from both countries. There are ten sequences, ten voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, port to port, each with two or more themes interacting, travelling in space and time, embracing folk and original songs, created separately or jointly, brought forth while sailing in the Internet Sea.


PERIPLUS / deambulações luso-gregas was issued in Portugal as a disc-book in February 2012.

We embarked on our next voyage from Greece in October with the release of the international edition including an abbreviated booklet in English: PERIPLUS / Luso-Hellenic Wanderings.


Here you can find the two booklets in Portuguese and in English, plus one more with the translation of the international edition in Greek ready to copy or download if need be.


This is Periplus-one for us. More voyages will follow…

So, please, visit our site – – you are always welcome! – as well as our blog – – for updates.